[RealityCrew] Beer

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If your like me, beer is considered a major food group.
In fact I’ve started brewing it with some guy pals of mine.
My favorite is the India Pale Ale, otherwise known simply
as IPA. Beer is rich in B vitamins.  Pilgrims, like many
sailors  throughout history, owe beer their lives because
it was one of the few sources of water on the boat that
would not go putrid due to the anti-microbial properties
of hops, one of beers tastiest ingredients.  Hops are
directly related to the cannabis family and alsothe
ingredient that gives beer it’s skunkiness
(think bottled Heineken) when it’s not stored
in a dark brown bottle.  It’s a fragile oil that makes
beer’s flavor more complex.

How do I know all of this?  Working in un-scripted
TV of course…. I worked on a show for Discovery Channel
last year that put me on the production floor of one of
my favorite breweries, Sierra Nevada.  We learned a
lot while shooting the owner of that amazing (and very
sustainable operated) company.

Just wanted to get you as excited as I am about
learning about the world….all on someone else’s
dime.  Reality TV, I love you.

Wanna check out my career in adventure?
Here’s are few of my travel pix:

Making your new career REALITY!

Aaron Murphy

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Making your career REALITY

[RealityCrew] Free webinar now available – Audio for HDSLR cameras

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Aaron Murphy here again with some great FREE training.

You may remember a while back that I was doing a webinar about how to get great audio while
using HDSLR cameras. It’s called:

Life Without Timecode (Audio for HDSLR)

These amazing little HD cameras are being used in many different parts
of the film and TV business right now.  I was asked by Createasphere.com to put
together this webinar to help clear up a few mis-understandings about working
with audio on cameras like the Canon 5D and 7D.

Now you can watch the whole 1 hour long presentation online for FREE at this link:


Just sign up with them and you can watch it right now!!

We are working on doing more together so stayed tuned for that.

I’m really curios…. are you interested in developing your own reality show concept?
Do you have a great idea for a show but no clear path for getting it on TV?

I would love it if you could complete this short survey because I am really interested
in developing products for you in this area.


Thanks for your time.

I can’t wait to make your new career REALITY!!

Aaron Murphy

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[RealityCrew] The career effects of camping


I know it’s summer when I pull out the tent and fill up the cooler with beer and ice.  Summer has landed and despite the fact that all the rental houses are jammed and I’ve been getting TONS of calls for new shows going into production, I wanted to remind you AND me of one important part of freelancing.

Taking time to enjoy life.

Even if the bills aren’t getting paid on time or you don’t eat out as much as you would like due to the recent economy crisis, it’s important to stay focused on the real purpose of our lives on this planet.  To fully experience life and enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive.  Being with friends or family.  Doing something that gets you excited to be alive whatever that may be for you.

I mention this now because fun does not have to be expensive.  Camping for example is a great way to vacation on a budget.  I’m going to a big regional California Burning Man style event called http://www.lightninginabottle.org.  It’s DJs and many friends.   Ok so maybe you can’t take 4 days off too but even overnight trips can relieve stress and hopefully wash away some of those fears we’ve all been carrying around recently.

Take some time for yourself and it will also very likely improve your outlook on life.  I wouldn’t want to hire a sour grapes desperate freelancer either.  Get out their, shake of some stress and know that a warm relaxed state of mind is just as important as a great resume’ when looking for work in Reality TV or any other type of work.

Making your career REALITY,


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